Agira is an early-stage start-up which invents and develops optics technologies that enable a sustainable planet and provide cost-effective solutions for alternative energy and environmental protection. Their current focused is on using their patented optics technology which can concentrate and collimate sunlight into efficent clean energy to produce high efficiency utility-scale solar panels.


I redesigned and built Agira Photonics's homepage to improve their digital presence. Agira needed a simple homepage to communicate what they do and who they are to potentially interested investors and other interested audience.



  • Wireframing

  • UX/UI Design
  • Visual Design
  • Photo Editing

  • Front-end Dev

  • Web

Website Design and Development

Agira's previous site hid the most important information that Agira wanted to convey in deeper-level navigation.

I organized Agira's homepage to focus on communicating the key products and innovations they are working on bringing to market, who their partners are, and who the founding team is.

I built the website using a bootstrap template and incorporated mobile-first principles.

Screenshot of Redesigned and Implemented Homepage

Agira Website Design