Fetal Heart Rate Monitor

I worked with an engineering design team of 5 students on designing a fetal heart rate monitor that a mother could use to monitor her fetus's heart rate during rigorous exercise and ensure her fetus's safety.


Our design comprised of using two to four ultrasound Doppler transducers (depending on the stage of pregnancy), held in place with a support garment, such that at any time, at least one transducer could receive a fetal heart rate signal. A discrimination algorithm was used to separate fetal heart signals from maternal heart interferences.


I served as project manager for the team, conducted technical, background, competition, and market research, and also designed and constructed a prototype of the fetal heart rate monitor support garment.




University of Johns Hopkins


Biomedical Engineering Design Team

Fetal Heart Rate Monitor Garment Support Product Design

The support garment was made out of a Lycra material which was embedded with an array of pockets designed to hold multiple ultrasound transducers. The Lycra section of the garment is stretched over a mother's abdomen and held in place with 3 buckles. Adjustable straps are used to ensure the garment can be worn by women during early, mid, and late stages of pregnancy.

Computer Aided Drawing of Fetal Heart Rate Monitor Garment
Computer Aided Drawing of Fetal Heart Rate Monitor Garment with Dimensions