Globle is a real-time networking app that allows users to see who is around them (and is also on Globle) with the aim of making networking more efficient and less of a “by chance” activity.


I was the sole designer of our small startup team (3 core members and 2 supporting developers). I was heavily involved with customer development, designing our mobile app and website, and implementing the front-end of our website and app on iOS. The design of our mobile app was improved upon iteratively using insights from user testing and feedback.

I taught myself from scratch how to implement the front-end of our app in iOS - I went from knowing literally nothing about front-end development to the submission of the iOS app in a matter of 2 months!


2013 - 2014

  • Customer Dev
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping

  • UX/UI Design
  • Visual Design

  • Front-end Dev

  • Mobile
  • Web

App Registration Sequence Design

During user testing, we found that app registration created huge adoption friction. To minimize this friction and to make registration effortless, I designed our app's registration sequence to need as few as three taps and no textual entry! This was made possible by using Rapportive to auto-generate the user's profile. Also, signing in via email was included because we found that people often tend to forget their LinkedIn password.

Globle App Registration Screen

App Design

The Globle app consisted of a main screen where Globle users nearby and their basic professional information were listed. Tapping on someone in the list displayed their profile where they could be contacted or additional information could be found. Finally, a user could edit their own profile in the app.

Final Designs for "Profile", "Main", and "Other Users’ Profile" Screens

Globle App Final Visual Design

Prototyping and Demo

Clickable prototypes were created in Invision to enable testing of different user flows, layouts, and interactions.

Here is a late stage prototype created in Invision:

Globle Invision Prototype

Or, watch a demo of the prototype here:

Video Demo of Invision Prototype in Vimeo

Web Design and Development

I designed and implemented Globle’s responsive homepage to share basic information about Globle and to enable people to communicate their interest in Globle by signing up.

Bootstrap was use to create a responsive website that abided to grid rules.

Globle Web Design