Network Locum (based in London) is an online marketplace for healthcare jobs where doctors can find temporary positions (locums) at medical practices and centers. They are a fast-moving startup with over 1000 doctors on their platform.


I participated in design and development sprints where I redesigned high priority tasks, flows, and functions on the Network Locum web platform that needed improvement.



  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping

  • UX/UI Design
  • Visual Design

  • Web

UX/UI/Visual Design - Billing Section

I redesigned Network Locum's billing section on their web platform where practice managers manage payments between their medical practice and locum doctors. I also redesigned the section to incorporate their new brand style.

The original billing section was comprised of a clunky list of billing payments where only 2 to 3 items could be viewed on a screen at a time. It was near impossible to get an overview of all payment statuses, and it was not intuitive what actions were necessary for practice managers to perform.

I redesigned the billing section to:

  • Concisely display billing items in table-form
  • Organize payments by month
  • Allow monthly statements to be downloaded

  • Allow the # jobs, # general practitioners (GPs) booked, total spending, and monthly bill payment statuses to be viewed
  • Allow practice managers to easily sign pension forms online
Redesign of Network Locum's Billing Section
Redesign of Network Locum's Billing Section

UX/UI/Visual Design - Negotiation Feature

I redesigned Network Locum's negotiation feature which allows a locum to negotiate a different rate for a job. I also redesigned the section to incorporate their new brand style.

The original negotiation feature comprised of a new screen with a verbose message template where the locum could offer a different pay rate. The original feature also only allowed the pay rate of a single day of a potentially multi-day job to be negotiated.

I redesigned the negotiation feature to:

  • Be in the form of a simple modal
  • Give focus to inputing a negotiated rate
  • Allow for an additional message to be included if needed
  • Allow for the negotiated rate to be suggested for other days of the same job with minimal work
Redesign of Network Locum's Negotiation Feature