Stylpic a mobile platform that helps users decide between two outfits by polling from their friends. Polls consist of two photos of two outfits where users can simply vote on an outfit with a single tap.


I was the sole designer involved in the creation of the design of the iOS app for Stylpic. I supported the non-technical CEO of Stylpic by also filling in as product manager liaisoning with the developer in charge of implementing the app on iOS.

I also helped sculpt the core values that Stylpic aimed to provide its users, and encouraged that only features that aligned with Stylpic’s core values were included in the app.



  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping

  • UX/UI Design
  • Visual Design
  • Logo Design
  • Iconography

  • Mobile


I use wireframing to quickly mockup user flows and different layouts for the app. Wireframes were essential in the app conceptualization phase and were the focus of early discussions and the communication of ideas with the CEO of Stylpic.

Stylpic Wireframes


Stylpic Iconography


Clickable prototypes were created in Invision to allow different user flows and interactions to be tested. They were also essential in communicating how the user flows and interactions should work in the app with the developer.

Here is a late stage prototype created in Invision:

Stylpic Invision Prototype

Or, watch a demo of the prototype here:

Video Demo of Invision Prototype in Vimeo

Visual Design

Final visual designs and the look and feel of the app were created based on a look book that was created in collaboration with the CEO of Stylpic, comprised of images, graphics, typography, and color inspiration.

Final Designs of iOS App

Stylpic Final Visual App Designs