Zesty is a Y Combinator-backed healthy food catering B2B startup. A core part of Zesty’s operational success has been the deployment and enforced use of a mobile app for "Catering Captains" to keep track of their tasks in real-time as they deliver, setup, cleanup, etc. meals and communicate with operations headquarters.


I did a 2-week design and development sprint at Zesty where Week 1 was focused on redesigning the mobile app used by Catering Captains, and Week 2 was focused on implementing the redesigns on iOS.



  • User interviews
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping

  • UX/UI Design
  • Visual Design

  • iOS Front-end Dev

  • Mobile

Field Study and User Interviews

I started off the design sprint with a field study where I joined a Catering Captain on one of their runs including picking up, delivering, and setting up a meal.

After gaining an understanding of how Catering Captains used the app on the job, I interviewed 5 Catering Captains to gain additional insights into their specific behavior and needs. The interviews helped me develop a user persona for Catering Captains and discover 3 main insights which helped me develop and focus on 2 specific design goals: to make tasks 1) more digestable and 2) easily scannable.

Zesty Original Mobile App and Field Study

Wireframing and Prototyping

I used wireframing to explore different layouts, typography, and organization/prioritization/segmentation of information. A selected few of these wireframes were turned into clickable prototypes using Invision to test them with numerous Catering Captains throughout the design sprint to inform design iterations.

Zesty Wireframes

Final Visual Design and Implementation

Final designs focused on creating a system for how different pieces of information are presented for each task based on when and how that piece of information is used.

For instance, the time for each task is a piece of information that is typically scanned across a group of tasks, so it is highlighted by a colored block which gives it stronger visual weight, thus making it easier to pickout from each task.

Also, reference numbers (e.g. FUN475) are purposefully right-justified to make it more easily distinguishable because it is typically a piece of information that is needed to be looked up on it’s own and is typically checked when a Catering Captain has already arrived at their destination, in which case the time and location of their task is less relevant.

Final Designs of Main Screens of Catering Captain App

(I also implemented the front-end of these designs on iOS)

Zesty Final Visual Designs